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Though he was schooled in the basics of wrestling by his uncle, the original Sheik, who was one of the originators of "hardcore" wrestling, Sabu developed his impressive aerial skills on his own.  Shortly after he had established himself, others began referring to Sabu as the craziest man in the wrestling, and for good reason.  His high-risk maneuvers coupled with his habit of putting people through tables struck a fear in his opponents, and a keen interest in fans worldwide.  He even adapted a twisted post-match ritual, where he would drag a table into the ring, and moonsault his own body through it until it broke.

Sabu, who prefers to allow his actions speak for him than to express himself verbally, is covered in scars from numerous battles gone by.  He has feuded with some of the most famous hardcore competitors in the world, including Terry Funk, The Sandman, and Cactus Jack.  Together, he and Funk competed in perhaps the most legendary barbed wire match in wrestling history.  He has also had some fantastic bouts during his ECW days both with and against Rob Van Dam and Taz(z), his on-again, off-again tag team partners.  In the annual PWI 500 listing, which ranks the best wrestlers in the world, Sabu was once ranked #5.

His BCW history is marred with controversy, which is nothing new for the intense grappler.  Sabu burst onto the scene and raged against the Syndicate, headed up by Scott D'Amore, throughout the year 2000.  Sabu and D'Amore battled numerous times over the Can-Am Heavyweight title, with Sabu eventually capturing the belt.  He retained the title until March 7, 2001, where he was indefinitely suspended and stripped of it as a result of his failure to appear for his scheduled defense against D'Amore on that day.  Following these events, it was heavily rumoured that Sabu would never be a part of Border City Wrestling again.  However, in the summer of '01, Sabu returned in grand fashion at an event held in Leamington, ON, defeating D'Amore.  In the coming months, his appearances for BCW were sporadic until he returned yet again at March Breakdown '02, and captured the Tag Team titles with the man he had previously feuded with for so long, Scott D'Amore.  Shortly thereafter, D'Amore & Sabu were stripped of the belts as a result of the fact that Sabu was not an "official" Border City Wrestling competitor at the time of the match.

It is expected that Sabu will remain a constant in BCW, but as his past reveals, his future is anything but predictable.





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